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About the Owner

Dear client, caregiver and family members,

One of the first things asked is “What do you want, what can be done to keep you happy and the quality of your life at its highest? Every answer is as different, unique and special.

My grandmother had Alzheimer’s. So did my aunt. Two of my mother’s closest friends. Most recently my mother. I helped care for all of them. For eleven years from diagnosis to death I was with her almost every day seeing to her needs. I worked hard to keep her safe and to keep her quality of life at the highest level possible. In those eleven years I learned. I began to understand what was lacking in the business of growing old and living with Alzheimer’s. My goal is not just to do things better, but to create a model and change the way America ages.

Starting this business was a hard decision. I was reluctant to do so using the excuse that “I would see my mother’s face in everyone I worked with”. One day a close friend asked simply……"would that be a bad thing?" She was right. I have the unique ability to see all of this from the outside in. I have been there. I understand. I can use my experience to help, I can be of service to make a difference and to better people’s lives. No matter what your need is…help going to the grocery store or twenty-four hour care, it is my honor and promise to provide the highest level of care to every client, their caregivers and families…..the same I have given to those I loved.

Care for each other,


Originally from Dallas, Texas David has had a life long love affair with New Mexico and Santa Fe. “I love Santa Fe, and have been lucky in that it has loved me in return”.

He has a passion for cooking, gardening, classic automobiles and backpacking. He is also an accomplished artist primarily painting in oil. When not working you will find him spending time with close friends, among them his two roommates…a dog and a cat, and out exploring the Land of Enchantment.

David plays an active role in the Northeast New Mexico Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, holds a BFA from Auburn University, is an Eagle Scout and has been honored with a Gold Congressional Award.

The owner's mother and the inspiration behind Senior Care Solutions

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